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DoubleAgent has been reconciling Stripe payouts for over a year – but until now all payouts were explained via invoice receipts in FreeAgent.

This is ideal if your customers need invoices, or you need to keep track of your customers inside FreeAgent, perhaps to see each one's lifetime value.

However if you are simply making sales, perhaps in a shop, and you don't need to keep track of individual customers, explaining the payouts via sales transactions would be much better.

Good news: you can now explain payouts via sales transactions! DoubleAgent creates a sales explanation in FreeAgent for each charge in Stripe, along with payment explanations for the fees.

There's also a flexible way to embed useful information in each sales explanation's description in FreeAgent, so you can see at a glance any metadata from the original charge, or the customer's email, et cetera.

If you had been holding off from explaining Stripe payouts automatically because you didn't want to use invoice receipts, now is the time to get stuck in!