FreeAgent's Missing Features

Automatically reconcile Stripe and GoCardless payouts

Set up rules to explain your bank transactions in FreeAgent

Automatically attach emailed receipts to their bank transactions

Quickly send your receipts to the right place in FreeAgent

DoubleAgent stays on top of your bookkeeping for you 🚀

Accountancy Practices: DoubleAgent stays on top of your clients' bookkeeping for you 🚀 🚀

“Thanks for really great service over the years. Your tool is invaluable, works flawlessly and is a massive time saver. Also, your prompt attention to any issues we’ve had was always appreciated.”

– Andy Shipman, Co-Founder, Uplisting

“Using DoubleAgent has been a lifesaver. As a start-up, we were struggling to keep up with all the reconciliation and DoubleAgent was the perfect solution. Their support team was also absolutely brilliant, solving any challenges very quickly. Highly recommended.”

– Andrew Wood, CCO & Co-Founder, Willo

“If you take Stripe payments and are a FreeAgent user then I highly recommend DoubleAgent — worth every penny! Just works and great customer support.”

– Keir Whitaker, Shopify Consultant & Coach, How to Effortlessly Manage Your Tito x Stripe Transactions

“Very excellent (thanks for all your help)”

– James Mead, Director, Go Free Range

“Loving DoubleAgent as always, it saves us SO much time!”

– Jamie Dear, Co-Director, Oxford Scholastica Academy

Automatic reconciliation of Stripe and GoCardless payouts

  • Connect DoubleAgent to your Stripe / GoCardless account(s)
  • DoubleAgent automatically explains every payout
  • Stripe customer charges become FreeAgent invoice payments or sales transactions
  • GoCardless customer payments become FreeAgent invoice payments
  • Fees are correctly booked
  • VAT is handled correctly
  • Read the docs →


  • We use this feature to automatically explain DoubleAgent's own customer payments :)

Bank transaction rules

  • Don't rely on guesswork :)
  • Set a rule up once, never have to explain those transactions again yourself
  • Split explanations between two or more categories, e.g. to account for fees
  • Extract and use reference numbers from transaction descriptions
  • Preview what a rule would do before running it for real
  • Categorise your transactions consistently
  • Read the docs →

Emailed receipts

  • Keep your receipts where they belong – attached to their bank transactions
  • Forward your receipts to DoubleAgent
  • DoubleAgent uploads them to FreeAgent
  • No more wading through your emails for receipts at year end (or during an HMRC inspection)
  • Read the docs →

Fast receipt upload

  • Easily upload receipts to FreeAgent while out and about
  • Quickly find and attach to existing transactions or explanations
  • Quickly book expenses or even pending transactions
  • Read the docs →

Accountancy Practices

  • Everything above, but for your clients
  • You run DoubleAgent accounts on behalf of your clients
  • Your clients don't see DoubleAgent; they just think you're very efficient
  • Practice Dashboard like FreeAgent's
  • Read the docs →

I love FreeAgent. I have been using it since the beginning (I'm user number 12!) and I couldn't run my business without it.

I have many bank transactions which repeat month after month: software subscriptions, recurring invoice payments, insurance, salary, bank interest, etc. Individually they don't take too long to explain in FreeAgent, but together they add up – which is galling because they're always the same.

So I wrote some software to explain all my bank transactions automatically (via FreeAgent's API). Never again do I have to remember whether a subscription has VAT of 0% or is Exempt, or laboriously explain all the different charges my bank comes up with. My invoices are explained automatically, my expenses categorised consistently, and receipt PDFs are filed away with the corresponding bank transactions.

It's very satisfying to log into my FreeAgent account and see all the bank transactions already explained :)

Try it out and see how much time it saves you. Personally it saves me at least a couple of hours per month. If you're not convinced you can cancel at any time.

— Andrew Stewart

How does DoubleAgent work?

First you connect DoubleAgent to your FreeAgent account.

Then you set up rules to explain your transactions and your Stripe / GoCardless payouts. You can preview the results as you go to make sure they're right.

DoubleAgent will then check your FreeAgent regularly for any new transactions and explain them for you. DoubleAgent can email you whenever it explains a transaction, if you wish, and you can always review DoubleAgent's logs to see which explanations it added for you.


All accounts start with a 14-day free trial. After that:

Limited company

£9 /month + VAT


£8 /month + VAT

Sole Trader

£7 /month + VAT


£7 /month

We don't support Landlord or US business accounts yet.

Accountancy Practice

£10 + (£9 per client) /month + VAT

You can cancel at any time. Once you do, it's impossible for DoubleAgent to access your FreeAgent account any more, and all your DoubleAgent data will be deleted.

Why trust us?

The system

  • Everything note-worthy in our database is encrypted, e.g. your name, your password, your company name, bank account names, security tokens, etc. Even if the database were stolen, an attacker couldn't do anything with it.
  • The system imports from FreeAgent the minimum amount of data it needs to operate. For example, it imports your bank account name (and stores it encrypted) but not the account number or sort code.
  • The system does not touch any transactions you have already explained in FreeAgent. All the work you have already done explaining transactions is safe.
  • You can see every single update DoubleAgent makes to your FreeAgent account in the Logs. You can click through each one to see the actual explanation in FreeAgent.
  • You can undo every single update DoubleAgent makes to your FreeAgent account. Each rule lists the transactions it has explained (as do the Logs) and you can click the undo icon next to any explanation to remove it from FreeAgent.
  • You can have your rules create explanations which are "marked for approval" in FreeAgent (see FreeAgent's help on Approving transactions), which means you can keep your DoubleAgent explanations separate from the rest. Explanations which are marked for approval are orange in FreeAgent, allowing you to check them before you approve them.

The people

  • I have been writing software professionally for 24 years, including 5 years at a leading hedge fund writing financial software which successfully processed hundreds of billions of dollars of transactions. For the past 16 years I have been running another software-as-a-service website handling tens of millions of dollars worth of merchandise for several dozen multinational brands and agencies, with zero incidents.
  • I eat my own dogfood: I use DoubleAgent to explain all my bank transactions in FreeAgent and it saves me lots of time and hassle. I care very strongly about protecting my data and I have built DoubleAgent cautiously, thoroughly, and conscientiously.

The policies