DoubleAgent Blog

When you subscribe to DoubleAgent, you set up a direct debit via GoCardless.

Until today I used DoubleAgent's own GoCardless integration to generate invoices for your subscription payments and email them to you. You could then either upload them to FreeAgent yourself or use DoubleAgent's receipt emails feature to forward the invoices back to DoubleAgent which would then upload them to FreeAgent for you.

This all worked well and it was satisfying to use DoubleAgent's own features to explain the billing payments. However a few aspects were less than ideal:

  • There's a delay of several days between the money leaving your bank account and the money arriving in DoubleAgent's bank account. That meant you would only receive your invoice several days after waving goodbye to the payment.
  • There was nowhere in DoubleAgent where you could view or download previous billing invoices.
  • You still had to upload the invoice to FreeAgent yourself, either manually or by setting up email forwarding and a receipt email rule.

That's all changed!

Here's how it works now:

  • DoubleAgent will generate the invoice before the money leaves your bank account.
  • DoubleAgent will automatically explain your subscription payment in FreeAgent and attach the invoice to it. (You can opt out of this.)
  • Should you need them, your previous invoices (and receipts!) are listed on the billing page.

The billing explanations' description and category default to "DoubleAgent" and "Computer Software" though you can customise these on the billing page if you want.

All this means that each DoubleAgent subscription payment will be automatically explained immediately, complete with its invoice, without any effort from you.