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DoubleAgent's Receipt Emails feature has proved to be amazingly useful. To recap: you forward (automatically, ideally) to DoubleAgent the receipts or invoices you regularly receive by email from third-party services, and DoubleAgent attaches them to the appropriate explanation in FreeAgent.

Like most of DoubleAgent's features you set it up once and then forget about it. However if there was ever a hiccup and a receipt couldn't be uploaded for some reason, subsequent receipts could end up attached to the wrong explanation. This happened a couple of times and it was fiddly to rectify.

To prevent this happening and to help you spot any receipts which need your attention, DoubleAgent now has:

  • timeframes for explanations;
  • notifications when no explanations appear in time;
  • a status filter for your emails defaulting to not-uploaded;
  • the ability to approve explanations in FreeAgent when receipts are attached to them.


Your receipt-email rules can now specify a timeframe for the matching explanation. In other words, you can say that the explanation to which the receipt should be attached must appear in FreeAgent within a certain number of days of the email. If a matching explanation arrives after your date range, for example the following month, the receipt will not be attached to it.


You can opt to receive an email notifying you if a suitable explanation doesn't appear in the timeframe you specified. You can then investigate while things are fresh rather than trying to unravel it all six months later.

Status filter

You can filter your list of receipt emails by status – uploaded, not uploaded, missing explanation, or no matching rule. The default view is not-uploaded so that when you look at the list you immediately see any emails which might need your attention.

Approving explanations

In order to check in FreeAgent that all necessary attachments are present and correct, some people like to mark as unapproved the explanations which will need an attachment – until the attachment is uploaded. DoubleAgent supports this by letting you specify that explanations should be approved when it uploads an attachment to them.