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Now that DoubleAgent has explained over 5,000 bank transactions automatically, it's time to introduce the next time-saving feature: uploading receipt emails to FreeAgent.

We all regularly get invoices or receipts by email, e.g. for web hosting or subscription software. DoubleAgent can now upload the attached receipt PDFs directly to the appropriate bank transaction explanation in FreeAgent. And if the email doesn't have a PDF, DoubleAgent will convert the email itself to a PDF and upload that.

The result is all your regular receipts are in FreeAgent, attached to the right transactions.

Then at year end when your accountant asks you to dig out the receipt for a specific month's web hosting, you've got it right there in FreeAgent – that's a time-saver there and then.

And should HMRC ever spring a surprise audit, which it seems they increasingly wont to do, you have all your recurring receipts and invoices filed correctly. Which is definitely what you want.