Connecting to Stripe

Configuring your payout explanations

Immediately after connecting to Stripe you will be on the configuration page. You can also click the Edit this rule button on the Stripe account page to go to the configuration page.

Here you can set:

  • the right VAT rate for your (UK) customers' payments;
  • the appropriate EC status for your (EC) customers;
  • whether the explanations will need manual confirmation in FreeAgent;
  • and whether DoubleAgent should email you whenever it explains a payout.

You can also set a nickname for this Stripe account. This defaults to the business name on your Stripe account, but you might prefer to use the name of the product or service people are paying you for. This nickname is only used on DoubleAgent's pages; it doesn't affect any of the explanations DoubleAgent puts into FreeAgent for you.


Let's say:

  • you sell an online product called My First Product;
  • UK customers pay 20% VAT;
  • for any EC customers it counts as EC Services.

Furthermore, you want the explanations in FreeAgent to require your manual confirmation (in FreeAgent it's easy to filter for "Marked for Approval" transactions). And finally, you want DoubleAgent to email you when it explains a payout.

You would set this all up as follows:

We always recommend clicking the Dry run button to check DoubleAgent will do what you would expect.