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TransferWise is a popular money transfer service which many FreeAgent customers use.

FreeAgent doesn't have a bank feed for TransferWise. If you have TransferWise bank accounts set up in FreeAgent, you have to add their transactions yourself. You can either do this one transaction at a time, which is unrealistic; or you can upload a statement file.

However if you download a CSV statement from TransferWise and try to upload it to FreeAgent, you'll find that FreeAgent doesn't accept it.

But here's the good news: DoubleAgent can do it for you. Upload your TransferWise CSV statements to DoubleAgent and DoubleAgent will submit them to FreeAgent in a format which FreeAgent accepts.

As you can see from our documentation, it's a one-step process. Unless you have multiple matching bank accounts, in which case it's a two-step process :)

This is the simplest and quickest way I know of to get TransferWise statements into FreeAgent. If you're a TransferWise customer, please try it out!