Sales explanation descriptions

Sales Explanation Descriptions

The Description field is a flexible way to set the description for sales explanations generated by a Stripe integration. You can:

  • keep the payout transaction's original description;
  • or set a fixed text to be used for all sales explanations;
  • or combine a fixed text with information about the Stripe charge, via placeholders.

Here are the placeholders you can use to get information about the Stripe charge.

This placeholder......will be replaced withRolled-upPer charge
{{payout}}The Stripe payout's ID, e.g. po_1FlH4lEsCnWGKipF0ziQpaBr
{{charge}}The Stripe charge's ID, e.g. ch_1FkY1ZEsCnWGKipFt4XK4Mbi
{{name}}The name of the customer who paid you
{{email}}The email of the customer who paid you
{{country}}The country of the customer who paid you
{{description}}The Stripe charge's description


This only applies to per-charge sales transactions, not rolled-up ones:

In addition to the placeholders above, you can pull out any metadata you like from the Stripe charge. To do so, write the name of the metadata between double curly brackets, e.g. {{orderNumber}}.

Please note that this is case-sensitive, i.e. the capitalisation of letters matters. For example, orderNumber is not the same as ordernumber.