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If you are lucky enough to receive payouts from Stripe, you will know how much time it takes to account for them in FreeAgent.

Each payout is the net result of your customers' recent charges via Stripe, fees deducted by Stripe, refunds, and so on. To explain a payout in FreeAgent you need to log into Stripe, look at the balance transactions comprising the payout, see which Stripe customer each charge or refund was from, find or create matching contacts in FreeAgent, find or create invoices for those charges or refunds, settle the invoices with the correct amounts, and book the fees as bank payments. Phew!

DoubleAgent can now do all that for you. Simply connect DoubleAgent to your Stripe account(s) and, er, that's it. DoubleAgent takes care of the rest.

You can read more about this feature in the docs.

It's easy to try out: you just need to click two buttons. If you don't like it, click another button. Simple.

If you receive payouts from GoCardless, DoubleAgent can reconcile those automatically too.