DoubleAgent Blog

You can do more with DoubleAgent's bank transaction rules now.

Matching transactions

To help you match exactly the right transactions, DoubleAgent now has a bank account filter. This allows you to restrict a rule to one particular account, or leave it running against all your accounts.

Previously your options for filtering on a transaction's amount were limited to: any amount; greater than X; less than X. Now you can also specify an exact amount to match; or an amount between two values. This is useful for distinguishing, say, expense payments to a user from salary payments.

Explanation types

You can now also explain debits as Other Money Out, with all the relevant categories. Handy for Pension Creditor payments!

Split explanations

Previously you could only split an explanation once, i.e. explain a transaction with at most two explanations. That limit is gone and now you can explain a transaction with as many explanations as you need.

DoubleAgent also allows more types of explanations to be split than previously. For example, you can split Refund explanations now.

Finally, you can now leave a transaction partly explained. Until recently the transaction rules were set up to fully explain the transactions to which they applied. Now you can choose to explain the known part of a transaction, such as a fee, and leave the remainder unexplained.

That's it for now! Most of these improvements were suggested by DoubleAgent's users, so please do get in touch with your own ideas.