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I thought it would be interesting to estimate how much time DoubleAgent has saved its customers so far.

The first step is to find out how many actions it has taken on their behalf.

Action Count
Bank transaction explanations created 518,000
Invoices created 26,000
Attachments uploaded 4,300
Receipt photos uploaded 3,100
Receipt emails uploaded 2,500

Looking specifically at the Stripe reconciliations:

Action Count
Stripe payouts explained 6,700
Value explained £5,900,000
Invoices created 24,100
Explanations created 91,300
Average (mean) number of explanations per payout 14

And now the GoCardless reconciliations:

Action Count
GoCardless payouts explained 1,200
Value explained £432,000
Invoices created 1,400
Explanations created 5,400
Average (mean) number of explanations per payout 4

Overall DoubleAgent has put 577,000 updates into FreeAgent on behalf of its customers. If we say that each update would have taken someone a minute to perform, that's 9,600 hours saved – a significant amount of time! Not to mention all the typos avoided.

If you'd like to spend less time updating FreeAgent, why not try DoubleAgent yourself?