DoubleAgent Blog

Whether you are out and about and have just paid for something, or have a folder of old receipts gathering dust, DoubleAgent can get your receipts into FreeAgent for you faster than using FreeAgent itself.

It works for all four kinds of receipt situation:

  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Pending transactions (where it hasn't hit your bank feed yet in FreeAgent)
  • Explained transactions
  • Unexplained transactions

The process is the same in each case: upload a receipt photo, type the receipt's amount, then either click a button (for an explained transaction) or fill in a few details and then click a button (for every other kind).

It works great on a phone. It's quicker than using FreeAgent directly. And if you want to upload a receipt for a pending transaction (i.e. where you have just paid for something from your business account), you just can't do it with FreeAgent – but you can with DoubleAgent.

I upload all my receipts now through DoubleAgent. Give it a try – I hope you'll like it.

You can read all the details in the docs for receipt photos.