DoubleAgent Blog

If you subscribe to any kind of service, e.g. web hosting, you'll get an email every month with your latest receipt or invoice.

DoubleAgent can automatically upload these receipts to FreeAgent for you, saving a lot of time. This is our Receipt Emails feature.

How does DoubleAgent know which bank explanation a receipt should be attached to? Via simple rules that you set up.

Over the past few days I have made some changes so the rules are even easier to use.

  • Receipt emails can be to/from anyone @ your domain, or your verified senders. (Previously DoubleAgent only accepted emails to/from your verified senders). This lets you use plus-addressing with your receipt emails.

  • You now have the option to keep emails which don't match any of your rules. This means you can start forwarding emails to DoubleAgent before you have rules for handling them.

  • In addition to the subject, you can now specify text to match in the body of an email. This helps distinguish emails with similar, rather generic subjects ("Here is your invoice!").

  • Each rule now has a "Preview matching emails" button. This helps you fine-tune which emails your rule matches.

  • If you use GMail, when you set up forwarding, GMail sends an email requesting confirmation to the destination address. DoubleAgent now confirms these requests automatically.

  • Every time DoubleAgent receives an email, it uploads it immediately (if a rule matches). Previously emails weren't uploaded until DoubleAgent next synced with FreeAgent, which could have been up to half an hour later. This makes it much easier to see your rules working.

  • You now have a button to run all your rules immediately, saving you from having to wait for the next sync.

  • You can delete receipt emails from DoubleAgent. This is handy if you've sent any test emails into DoubleAgent.