Uploading TransferWise statements

Uploading TransferWise statements

First, make sure you download your CSV file from the Balances page (not the Transfer History page) in TransferWise.

Here's the process for getting it into FreeAgent:

  1. Go to the TransferWise page in DoubleAgent and attach your CSV statement.

That's it! There is no step 2. DoubleAgent will upload the transactions to FreeAgent and give you a link to them.

(If you have several bank accounts matching the statement's currency, DoubleAgent will ask you which to use.)

Now the transactions are in FreeAgent, DoubleAgent can explain them automatically.

Undoing a statement upload

You can always undo your last upload. Go to the relevant bank account in FreeAgent, open the "More" dropdown, and then choose "Undo last upload".