The Explainer

You can set up rules to explain your bank transactions. Once a rule is set up, DoubleAgent runs it automatically on a regular basis.

Set up a rule once, and you never have to explain those transactions again in FreeAgent!

Before you start

First you have to tell FreeAgent not to guess explanations for your transactions. You can either switch off FreeAgent's Guess entirely or exclude transactions containing the terms you specify, as explained here.

Matching conditions

Every rule starts with a section where you specify how to spot the transactions you want the rule to explain.


Here we are looking for debits of any amount which have the word github somewhere in the transaction's description:

With the description, capitalisation doesn't matter. github would match github, GitHub, and GITHUB.

Runs of spaces between words are treated as a single space, both in transactions' descriptions and in the text the description should include.

Use the Preview matching transactions button to see if the conditions match the transactions you want it to. When previewing, DoubleAgent only looks at transactions from the past 3 months.


Once you are happy with the matching conditions, the next section of the form tells DoubleAgent how it should explain the matching transactions.

Follow the links below to learn about the different explanations.