Set the various dropdowns to explain your transaction, just as you would in FreeAgent.

You have several options for the Description field which you can read about here.


Let's say:

  • your web hosting provider (e.g. Hetzner) debits your account each month;
  • payments to Hetzner look like Lastschrift Rechnungsnr.: R0009326867 - Kundennr.: K1008442612 ERE F: R0007169367 MREF: M-K110 8442847-0002 CRED: DE63ZZZ0 0000023482 (Hetzner Online GmbH)//OTHER/€49.58 on your bank statement;
  • you want to extract the Hetzner invoice number (in this case R0007169367) and include it in the description.

You could set up a rule like this:

The key part is the description. Here's how it works:

  • "..." double-quotation marks and {{}} tell DoubleAgent to "extract and replace".
    • The quoted text is matched against the original description, then replaced with the word extracted by {{}}.
    • {{}} represents a word (specifically, a sequence of non-space characters).
  • DoubleAgent looks for the quoted text in the transaction's description and extracts the word represented by {{}}.
    • In this case, "ERE F: {{}}" matches ERE F: K1008442612, with {{}} extracting K1008442612.
  • DoubleAgent uses your description, replacing the quoted text with the extracted word.
    • The final description becomes: Hetzner invoice reference K1008442612

We always recommend doing a dry run (by clicking the Dry Run button) to see whether your rule does what you want.

Sometimes you need to split an explanation between two categories. Read split payments to find out how.