VAT and Stripe


DoubleAgent now only explains post-Brexit transactions, i.e. dated on or after 1 January 2021.

DoubleAgent also assumes that your business is based in Great Britain (England, Scotland, or Wales). Northern Irish businesses are not supported.

It does not matter whether or not Stripe knows about the VAT. If you do tell Stripe to apply taxes to subscriptions, DoubleAgent will check that the tax rate in Stripe matches the tax rate you set in your integration. You can read more about this in troubleshooting invoice tax rates.

DoubleAgent does not support VAT MOSS.

Determining the customer's country

For each Stripe charge, DoubleAgent figures out the customer's country by checking the following fields. It uses the first one with a value:

  • the charge's customer's address's country;
  • the charge's customer's shipping's address's country;
  • the charge's billing details' address's country;
  • the charge's payment method details' card's country.