Manual payouts

Manual payouts

As well as explaining payouts Stripe sends automatically, DoubleAgent explains payouts you trigger yourself – "manual" payouts.

The big difference between automatic and manual payouts is that Stripe does not provide a breakdown of manual payouts; a manual payout is simply a lump sum.

The key insight is to think of a manual payout as an advance on the next automatic payout. This advance is stored temporarily in your contra account.

It goes like this:

  1. When the manual payout arrives in your bank account, DoubleAgent moves it into the contra account by explaining it as Other Money InReceipt into Contra Account. No breakdown of charges and fees is available from Stripe at this stage.
  2. When the next automatic payout arrives, DoubleAgent:
    • moves the manual payout back out of the contra account by adding an Other Money OutPayment from Contra Account explanation to the automatic payout;
    • adds expanations for all the charges and fees etc since the last automatic payout (which you were probably expecting to be listed for the manual payout).

At first glance this seems a bit odd. Why not just explain the manual payout directly?

The reason is that Stripe doesn't know for sure which charges and so on were included in the manual payout. You can check this in Stripe's dashboard: it won't show you a breakdown of the manual payout.