VAT and EC status


When DoubleAgent explains your Stripe charges, it needs to know whether VAT is involved. There are three options:

  • Only when the contact (i.e the customer in Stripe) is based in the UK
  • Always
  • Never

You can tell DoubleAgent which to use on your integration's settings page.

You can also set which VAT rate DoubleAgent should use when VAT applies to a charge.

It does not matter whether or not Stripe knows about the VAT. If you do tell Stripe to apply taxes to subscriptions, DoubleAgent will check that the tax rate in Stripe matches the tax rate you set in your integration. You can read more about this in troubleshooting invoice tax rates.


DoubleAgent does not handle VAT MOSS yet.

EC status

The EC status is only ever set if "EC VAT reporting" is enabled in your FreeAgent account (on the Settings → VAT Registration page). The rest of this section assumes it is enabled.

A charge's EC status depends on your integration's Charge VAT? setting and, in some cases, the customer's location:

“Charge VAT?” settingCustomer's locationEC Status applied
Only when the contact is based in the UKUK or outside EUUK/Non-EC
Only when the contact is based in the UKEU (not UK)EC Goods or EC Services (whichever you set)
NeverAnywhereNot set

Determining the customer's country

For each Stripe charge, DoubleAgent figures out the customer's country by checking the following fields. It uses the first one with a value:

  • the charge's customer's address's country;
  • the charge's customer's shipping's address's country;
  • the charge's billing details' address's country;
  • the charge's payment method details' card's country.