VAT and EC status


When DoubleAgent explains your GoCardless payments, it needs to know whether VAT is involved. There are three options:

  • Only when the contact (i.e the customer in GoCardless) is based in the UK
  • Always
  • Never

You can tell DoubleAgent which to use on your integration's settings page.

You can also set which VAT rate DoubleAgent should use when VAT applies to a payment.

EC status

The EC status is only ever set if "EC VAT reporting" is enabled in your FreeAgent account (on the Settings → VAT Registration page). The rest of this section assumes it is enabled.

A payment's EC status depends on your integration's Charge VAT? setting and, in some cases, the customer's location:

“Charge VAT?” settingCustomer's locationEC Status applied
Only when the contact is based in the UKUK or outside EUUK/Non-EC
Only when the contact is based in the UKEU (not UK)EC Goods or EC Services (whichever you set)
NeverAnywhereNot set