Forwarding receipt emails to DoubleAgent

Forwarding receipt emails to DoubleAgent

  • If you already have any receipt emails you'd like DoubleAgent to upload, make sure you forward them to DoubleAgent in order from oldest to most recent, without any gaps.
  • For future receipt emails, get your email system to forward them automatically to DoubleAgent.

Please note DoubleAgent expects one receipt per email. If you have several receipts to forward to DoubleAgent, you'll need to send each in its own email.

Everyone has a unique forwarding address. You will see yours once you are logged in.


Here's a screenshot of a rule I have in my Fastmail account which forwards receipt emails from Linode to DoubleAgent. (I have redacted the unique part of the email address with xxxxxxx.)

Forwarded emails show up on the Emails Received page in DoubleAgent within a few seconds. If they don't appear, please contact us for support. Usually the problem is that the system wasn't able to convert an email without a PDF attachment into a PDF.


Before you can set up a rule to forward emails from Gmail to DoubleAgent, you need to confirm the forwarding address in Gmail.

Gmail will send a confirmation email to DoubleAgent. This email will appear in your list of receipt emails so you can see your confirmation code and/or click the link inside to confirm the forwarding address.