Forwarding receipt emails to DoubleAgent

Forwarding receipt emails to DoubleAgent

  • If you already have any receipt emails you'd like DoubleAgent to upload, make sure you forward them to DoubleAgent in order from oldest to most recent, without any gaps.
  • For future receipt emails, get your email system to forward them automatically to DoubleAgent.

In each case the email must be:

  • to
  • from your email address or from one of your verified sender addresses. You can use plus-addressing.

Here's a screenshot from my Fastmail account where I have a rule to forward receipt emails from Pingdom to DoubleAgent.

Forwarded emails show up on the Emails Received page in DoubleAgent within 1 minute. If they don't appear, please contact us for support. Usually the problem is that the email wasn't from one of your Verified Sender Addresses, but sometimes the system isn't able to convert an email (without a PDF attachment) into a PDF.


When you set up a forwarding rule to, GMail sends an email there requesting confirmation. DoubleAgent automatically confirms it for you, so you don't need to do anything else. The forwarding-request email will not appear in your list of receipt emails (because it's not a receipt email).