Cookies Policy

Last updated: 9 October 2017

The DoubleAgent website uses cookies. This page explains what cookies are used, why they are used, and how they are used.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which your browser downloads when you visit a website. The website may read these cookies back again when you next visit so it can recognise you, rmember your preferences, and so on.

A cookie cannot read data from your computer and the DoubleAgent website cannot read cookies from other websites.

What cookies DoubleAgent uses

Logging you into DoubleAgent — when you log into DoubleAgent, the website sets a cookie so it can continue to identify you as you use the website. This cookie is deleted when you log out, or after 1 year if you don't log out.

Storing temporary data — once you have logged into DoubleAgent, the website uses a cookie to store temporary data between related pages. This temporary cookie is deleted once your session has finished.

Anonymous traffic analysis — we may use third-party cookies to help us find out how many people are visiting the DoubleAgent website, whether they looking at the site on a phone or a desktop, how they found DoubleAgent, which pages are popular, and so on. This helps us improve DoubleAgent. No information which could identify anyone is collected.

Recording your consent to cookies — DoubleAgent sets a cookie when you agree to DoubleAgent's cookie policy.

Managing cookies

You can manage cookies via your browser's settings. You can block all cookies for a site and delete any cookies you already have from a site.

Please note that DoubleAgent won't work properly without being able to set cookies.